The Advantages of Tooth-Colored Fillings – Tamarac, FL

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Despite the advances in dental care, some people still develop oral problems like cavities. A cavity is considered as one of the most common dilemmas many people experience. If a patient was told that they had formed a cavity, it could be dreadful news for them. But today, there is no need to worry for there is now an ideal solution for this dental issue – Tooth-Colored Fillings!


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While metal fillings were the first ones used, they were not the best solution for everyone. Having a cavity treated as soon as it was detected can make a huge difference in the effective maintenance of the oral health, that is why we at South Florida Laser Dentistry offer a dental filling procedure to our patients who are in need. We understand the possible consequences if the issue is left unattended for a period of time. To help people decide or feel at ease about undergoing a tooth-colored filling procedure, here is a list of its benefits.

  • Painless and Quick fix. It is a less invasive procedure compared to the traditional approach. People who are usually terrified during dental visits need not worry since it is a painless treatment. But to ensure that our patients will be completely comfortable, local anesthetics can be provided. Tooth-colored fillings can be completed in a single appointment and the time varies depending only on the number of teeth that needs to be treated.
  • Visually pleasing. Unlike the metal-based fillings being offered, tooth-colored materials used can closely resemble the treated tooth structure itself as well as the other surrounding teeth.
  • Restores and preserve the teeth. Fillings restore the lost structure of a damaged tooth for it to be used regularly without any worries. Removing the cavities before placing the filling material ensures that there will be no underlying future issue, ensuring the health and longevity of the treated tooth.
  • Improves confidence. A patient who has suffered from cavities may feel less confident, and they often tend to not smile at all. Having the problem tooth treated with fillings restores not only its functionality but also the patient’s confidence to smile to their heart’s content.
  • Long-lasting. The composite material used for the filling is durable and can last longer. But for it to do so, proper dental hygiene, care, regular cleanings, and checkups is still a must for the dentist to keep track of its function for the teeth.


Keep your teeth healthy by getting rid of cavities! Book a visit with us for your Tooth-Colored Fillings in Tamarac, FL. Contact us to schedule your appointment with South Florida Laser Dentistry.

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